Ollie-Boy! O-Dog. Ollie-Bally. Olz-Balls. Ollie Ollie income free.

Here's a celebration of eight years, almost to the day, of my great life together with a total sweetheart.

For full dog-luvin' indulgence, check out the video below, then take the visual tour. *(


Ollie Graham
December 26th, 2002 - February 23, 2011







The Ollie Song (in Honor of Petey Graham -- see the special pics he just sent over)

Ollie, Ollie, he's the dog for me.

Ollie, Ollie, he was born so free.

Ollie, Ollie, he anywhere can pee.

Ollie, Ollie, he's the dog for me.


Some new photos just sent in:

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